Suburbs Gone Wild Photo Exhibit and Gift Fair Invitation

I am producing a Suburbs Gone Wild Photo Exhibit and Gift Fair on December 13th. It would be wonderful if you could stop in to say hello and see my new photographs and prints!

I did a similar “show” last year and was weathered out! I held the show Nov. 24th and it turned out to be the coldest and windiest day in the season. We even lost electricity in the building half way through the fair. Needless to say the show was a complete failure! Mary Kay Consultant, Kristen Culver helped with the exhibit and fair last year. She’s quite the trooper, even the dark hall didn’t dampen her holiday spirit. She will also join me for my exhibit this year with her carefully selected gift baskets.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this year!

For this new fair, I created a 2015 Local Wildlife Photo Calendar. Last year was the first time I offered a photo calendar for sale. Previously, only my family received these. While the response from my local community was good, the calendar was just too expensive to produce and sell. I decided not to create a new calendar, but a number of people approached me and asked me for one, so I bit the bullet and created a new one. Thankfully Vistaprint had a sale and the new calendars cost less than last year. I ordered a limited number of the calendars, so that I wouldn’t end up with enough to wallpaper my apartment, like last year.

Another new item will be a revised edition of my Dump Poster. This is a composite picture of all the different wildlife I’ve captured at the Needham Recycling and Transfer Station (aka The Dump). Presently, it’s a work in progress and not ready for public consumption.

There’s a wide variety of product available, ranging in price from $3.00 to $400.00. Your presence, regardless of whether you purchase anything, would be much appreciated!

Exhibit and Fair Information

When: Saturday, December 13
Where: 5 Chambers St., Needham, MA
Time: 12pm to 4pm
Notes: Free child’s gift with purchase, while supplies last. Hot drinks and munchies also available.

Thumbnail of my calendar photos with fair information

2015 Calendar Photos

2015 Calendar Photos

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2 Responses to Suburbs Gone Wild Photo Exhibit and Gift Fair Invitation

  1. ileneh says:

    Don’t bother, it’s already snowing NOW…. I thought it was supposed to be in the 40s today….sigh.


  2. barryp13 says:

    I will have to let the Weather Service know of your scheduled date so they can arrange for snow :):):):)



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