Ilene’s Machine was born in 2000 when I realized everything I did involved some kind of machine. My answering machine came first, a Vic 20 second, the Mac 128 next, and a variety of Macintosh computers over the years. Next came an iPhone, iPad, and a few cameras into the mix. So, you have reached ilene’s machine, please leave a message!

Ilene’s Machine is a small consulting organization that provides Macintosh, marketing, and editorial services to small businesses. I am also a sports and wildlife photographer. As one of the early adopters, my work experiences span across the Internet . If you are interested in learning more about my expertise and experiences, please read my LinkedIn profile.

You can see a small selection of my wildlife photography on Fine Art America, http://ilenehoffman.artistwebsites.com. My original site http://www.ilenesmachine.com still exists, but is updated sporadically, except for one very important page. As the perpetrator of the distinguished Robert Hess Memorial Macworld/iWorld Events Site, that page is updated yearly with each new show. http://www.ilenesmachine.com/partylist.shtml.

Thanks for reading!

2 Responses to About

  1. Bob Meyers says:

    Ilene, please give me a call.


  2. We are interested in macintosh/ filemaker consulting.


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