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Product Reviews Published Since Oct., 2013 and Poll

Here’s the list of reviews completed by me and published on TUAW since October, 2013. I hope you find the reviews useful. Please also fill in the poll at the bottom. Thank you for reading! Easy-Macro Cameraphone Lens for iPhone … Continue reading

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I should post more

I really should write more in here, but I’m a bit busy now writing for, plus printing and selling my photos–slowly, but surely. I also do some unofficial volunteering at the local food pantry and take neighbors who can’t … Continue reading

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Spring Fever and Photo Workflow Madness

Spring is around the corner and here are a few shots to jump start your fever. The process used to edit these photos lies below the gallery. In the first four photos, a juvenile Robin has a seriously hard time … Continue reading

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Fix Your Apple Neck – Motion Doctor iPad App Review

Tuesday I published an article on, “Your iPad and Your Neck,” about the potential physical problems inherent in using your iPad. Neck and back strain are a major component of using an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any other handheld … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at CleanGenius Pro

There are some utilities that trigger heated debate in the Mac community. These “clean your computer” programs elicit groans from techies because they really are not needed on a Mac. Simon Pride, a 20-year IT veteran and Boston Mac User … Continue reading

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