Suck Your iPhone

rubberband hands free

Where the Rubber Meets the Head (source unknown)


Do you remember the hands free phone joke shot that invaded your mailbox circa 2000 or earlier? You carefully slipped a simple rubber band around your head to secure your phone to your ear–pain notwithstanding. Ya, right.



Or how about this bra-enabled hands free device holder that appeared around the same time?

bra hands free

Unsupported Use of Bra Technology (source unknown)


Now, I often watch TV when I eat my meals. It’s my downtime, so I like to “go somewhere else” for that restful repast. While I prefer movies, the other night some ABCNBCCBS station was on and I thought for a second I was watching Saturday Night Live. A commercial assaulted my eyes that almost made me choke with laughter! My first thought: OH MY GOD, someone actually made that?

GoJo hands free1

Screen Shot from GoJo Video




A company named GoJo has released a product that almost mimics that old hands free joke, called the Hands Free Headset. It needs no batteries, no wires, and works with all phones. This head piece sits on you like any microphone headset. It uses a high density suction cup that just sticks to any phone, so that you can go hands free anywhere, anytime. If there is a cancer risk from using phones near your head, this solution scrambles your cells nice and close up. (Beware the shipping costs too.)


Actual Screen Shot from Gojo Video

I’m not recommending this thing, because I have not actually used it. But seriously, do you want to chat on your laptop with this device? What on earth would make you want to secure your laptop to your head?




Well, now that these handy device driven inventions are coming to a web space near you, how long do you think it will be before this (yet another email joke) ultimate home office becomes available? Ohhhhhhhh, that it would!

Ultimate Home Office

Flowbie Sent This to Me While a CCC on eWorld (Source Unknown)

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5 Responses to Suck Your iPhone

  1. Leslie V. says:

    PS. Obviously you are being ironic, but if you have ever tried to use a problematic bluetooth even the rubber band and the bra are better products for going hands free.


    • ileneh says:

      Personally, I use the speaker phone a lot and keep the devices away from my head. I’m not sure I even support use of a phone in a car at all anymore, after a car accident last July. (You’ll hear more about that in a post very soon.)

      Thank you very much for your comments!


  2. Leslie V. says:

    I think the Gojo product is a great idea. Simple and effective. To inform you I believe the point of the product holding the laptop was to show it can hold the weight of any phone, securely.


  3. Leslie V. says:

    thats a great idea


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