Needham Fourth Annual Winter Arts Festival

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Winter Arts Festival graphic

Join ilene and 29 other artists in Needham’s Town Hall’s Powers Hall for a stunning display of crafts, photography, jewelry and more!

When: Saturday, December 8
Location: Powers Hall in the Needham Town Hall, Needham Center, MA
Time: 10 AM to 3 PM
Free Admission

There will also be music by a local band, Jam Sandwich and an Indian Classical Dance show at noon by Adya Dance.

In addition to my photographs, cards and magnets, I will be selling my 2019 Needham Nature Calendar (see photo below) and Dinner with Hector The Heron at the South Natick Dam picture book. I compiled the calendar from my photographs shot in Needham throughout the years. Scenes from Owens Poultry Farm, the RTS (aka the Dump), Charles St., Gould St., Central Ave., Rosemary Lake, Claxton Field and Needham’s now defunct iconic blue tree. Only $10 (+S&H), this small limited edition wall calendar captures the Needham you rarely get to see. Do not miss my Rosemary Lake Photograph Gallery to preview other prints you can purchase too!

2019 Nature Calender sample-for web

Other Exhibiting Artists:
Georgina Arrieta-Ruetenik Photography by Georgina
Designed in Stone by Sam Behar
Beeswax candles, soaps, lip balms by Eileen Borzilleri
Kay Cahill Ceramics by Kay Cahill
Fabric and paper art by Berline Chao
Zinnia Designs by Tanya Chin
Jewelry by Donna DeMaria
Photography by Lyubov Filatova
The Glass Bar glass art and jewelry by Jordan Fuller
Wood art by Allen Ganser
B-Buckled leather & knit by Sally & Alexandra Goldfarb
Live Charcoal Portraits by Vasilia Laskaris
Miller Design watercolor by Deborah Miller
Relief block prints by Anne Nydam
Pottery by Judy Ogilvie
Watercolor, mixed media by Rob Ondo
Recycle art for Community Council by Olin Project
Watercolor by Nancy Present-VanBroekhoven
Jewelinga Designs by Inga Puzikov
Corinne Rhode Photography by Corinne Rhode
Paper earrings, amulets, cards by Paula Rosenstock
Mixed Media healing art by Lidia Kenig-Scher
Ceramics/pottery by Candy Sidner
Acrylic/canvas, Jewelry by Judy Silverstein
Pottery/ceramics by Heather Simmons
Rainbow Designs jewelry by Joona Sohn
Acrylic painting by Anna Starkova
Jewelry, hand-painted glass by Chaitrali Yadov
Fiber knit and weave by Kathy Zola

Here are a couple of lovely samples from Heather Simmons pottery, in keeping with my site’s nature theme:


47307629_10156826720127229_157759551850938368_n        47251009_10156826722272229_5581853507788472320_n

Lots to see and unique gifts to buy! Come do your holiday shopping with us!

2019 Calendar Cover

Thank You.

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A Gallery of Available Photos

UPDATE: October, 2019
Even though this page is a tad old, it showcases the kinds of products I offer in my fairs and shows. I will add photos of my new prints and products soon. Rest assured that I am also creating a 2020 Nature Calendar. If you want one, please send email or leave a comment below. By the way, this page is best viewed on a tablet or a computer. Thank you!
People often ask me if I have a site on which I show my photographs. Well, I used to have a couple of sites, but today, not so much! I place photos on my Facebook page, on Viewbug and Flickr, but I’m debating whether to resurrect, my Fine Art America pages or move to SmugMug. In the meantime, I shall post a sample of some of my wares here. I sell prints in many sizes, plus photo cards, calendars, magnets, puzzles, cups, mousepads and nylon [and cloth] shopping bags at my shows. (My next show is Sun., November 3, 2019 in case you are wondering.) Below is a small gallery of some of my available shots.

I’ve almost run out of cards and other items to sell, so I ordered more! I haven’t received everything yet, but Vistaprint and Shutterfly rarely let me down. (The links are referrals from my account.) I’ve used other companies to print, but I think the quality of products produced at the two vendors listed above is the best, plus packages arrive quickly. It pays to watch for sales though.

Photography Products

I have photos from a variety of places on the east coast, but I showcase my photography from the Boston suburbs in my shows. All of the photographs shown below were taken in Needham, Natick, Dover, Wellesley, Millis or Sherborn.

You can order most photos in any size you want!
Prices range from $4 cards to $500 large framed prints.

2018 Nature Calendar: Here is a thumbnail of the 2018 Needham area Nature Calendar coming from Vistaprint. The January photo is the only shot from outside of Needham, MA. I couldn’t resist adding my winter scene from the Charles River in Natick, MA, because it was not an easy shot to get. One slip and I would have ended up in the semi-frozen river! Needham locations include Rosemary Lake, Needham RTS, Gould and Charles River Streets, the Needham Reservoir and what used to be Owens Poultry Farm.

Calendar 2018-version 2-USE

There are two versions of the calendar. The cover differs slightly. In one version I used a Merganser Duck pair from the Needham Reservoir for March. In the second version (pictured above), I used the herd of white-tailed deer at the Needham RTS for March and moved the Mergansers onto the cover.

Cards: I’ve also ordered new 5×7 cards. The only real difference between the cards produced by Shutterfly and Vistaprint are the envelopes. Shutterfly’s envelopes have squared off flaps and are a bit thicker. Pictured below are a small sampling of cards I offer at my shows. The hummingbirds are always popular. I suspect Needham’s last Blue Tree card won’t last long this December. I order in small batches, so supply is limited.

Other Products: I have one puzzle of my popular Fishing Bridge photo (in the middle above) and the Needham RTS collage, plus a couple of nylon shopping bags and a placemat of my Needham RTS critters. I also create small magnets of various shots.

Prints: I offer a variety of prints and when cards sell out, you can often find a print of the subject you love. I offer 3×4″ mini-framed photos for those whose space is at a premium. A sample is the bee in the silver frame below.  I print 8×10″ and 8.5×11″ photos on an Epson printer with archival ink and papers. You can frame them or use them as they come, packaged with a cardboard backing in an archival cellophane bag. I offer a limited number of framed photos.


Large Prints: My 16×20″ or 13×19″ large prints are usually framed. Some include UV-protective glass to protect the print. I only bring a couple to each show.

So, there you have it:  a sample of my photographic offerings. If you have a favorite bird, bug or critter, that you don’t see please ask me! I have thousands of photos suitable for printing and just can’t show them all in each show. Thank you for visiting my site. Comments are most welcome!

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Unique Gifts Fall Fair

Unique Gifts Fall Fair & Art Exhibit
Saturday, October 14
11 am to 4 pm
NHA Community Hall
5 Chambers St.
Needham, MA

(The NHA Community Hall is across from High Rock Elementary School.)

Enjoy limited edition cards and fine art prints (framed or not), pen & ink cards, magnets and nylon bags from Nature Photographer Ilene Hoffman, Watercolor Artist Nancy-Lee Mauger and Artist Sheila Clark.

Local landscapes, cityscapes, flora and fauna from The Byrd Collection, The Chambers Collection, The Natick, and The Rosemary Collection. Purchase a local Wildlife Placemat,  Ilene’s Hector The Heron Dines at the South Natick Dam picture book or our new Holiday cards. Products not available anywhere else.

Get a leg up on your holiday shopping with reasonably priced gifts! Rain or shine. No fee. Shopping bags provided.

Free gifts for kids (while supplies last).

White elephant tables include new & gently used household goods, costume jewelry, DVDs, toys, cameras, electronics, Magic cards, Legos, and iOS sound systems.

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Hover Flies and Macro Photography

Macro photography is a trial even in the best weather. Add a little wind and a hand-held camera and it becomes a serious challenge! When shooting tiny objects, the key is to hold the camera very steady, so a tripod is the recommended way to work. Alas, I only had a GorillaPod SLR-Zoom with me and it wasn’t helpful, so I gave up using it.

Here’s a Hover fly (Toxomerus geminatus), also known as a Flower fly or Syrphid fly, on some purple flower. This critter is less than half the size of a mosquito and rarely noticed zipping around your garden flowers. They can be very friendly and do not sting. I think I’ve identified this one correctly, but there are 870 species of hover flies that live in North America and 6,000 species worldwide! I love the pattern on its back and that tiny blue dot on its head.

The first photo shows the little critter feeding on a flower. The second photo is zoomed in to show the eye detail. Don’t forget to click the photos to see a larger version.

Hoverfly on Purple flower

Hoverfly on Purple flower

Hoverfly Eye Closeup

Hoverfly Eye Closeup

I will add more photos as I process them.

Equipment used: Nikon D7100 and Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens.

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New Fair New Artists New Shots

I never seem to post anything until I’m producing a photo and art fair locally. I know I should write more, but I just haven’t gotten a handle on what my friends want to read in here. Today, I’m posting an article I wrote for my upcoming Fall Harvest Fair for the newspaper. I’ve added a more text here though. I don’t know if the newspaper will publish the story, but will link it here, if it does.

Fall Harvest Fair & Art Exhibit
Saturday, October 22
11am to 3pm
NHA Community Hall
5 Chambers St.
Needham, MA

Fall Harvest Gift Fair and Art Show

Tucked away in the brick apartment buildings off Linden Street live a number of talented artists whose wares you can rarely view. Women who ages range from 50 to 85 produce artwork in watercolor, pen & ink and photography. For the first time they come together for a Fall Harvest Fair on Sat, October 22 at 5 Chambers St. in Needham, MA. The art they produce is not available elsewhere.

Long-time resident and octogenarian Sheila Clark, creates paper cards in pen & ink; a craft taught to her by her mother. She carefully and selectively colors these whimsical cards to create miniature woodland scenes. Sheila shames us all with her folksy sense of humor, endless energy and daily walks. 

A professional musician by trade, Nancy-Lee Mauger has transformed her inability to play anymore into another art form. After immersing herself in art therapy at McLean Hospital she discovered her painting talent. She creates colorful and thought-provoking scenes and portraits on watercolor canvas. For fairs she paints one of a kind watercolor cards that cover every theme. You can customize her cards with your own message. 

When a car accident short-circuited her consulting work, Needham-native Ilene Hoffman started producing cards, calendars, magnets and fine art prints from her photography library. As a long time shooter, Ilene specializes in wildlife, landscape and nature prints. She offers many different kinds of photo products featuring the local suburban area’s birds and animals. You can order a 2017 local nature calendar, grab a copy of her children’s book, Hector the Heron or buy a custom photo shopping bag. Her photography graces many pages on this site.

Other artists joining the fair include a photographer and bead artist. Christine Chambers from Millis specializes in portraits and landscapes. She just opened up a business oriented Facebook page to advertise her services.

Janet Hirschhorn, formerly of Needham and an NHS classmate of Ilene, creates one of a kind beaded earrings. Janet works hard as an LPN and finds that creating earrings is a great way to relax and unwind. 

The Fall Harvest Fair also includes a White Elephant Table. This table  includes new and gently used household items, games, frames, Legos, costume jewelry, candles, DVDs and CDs. In addition, you may find electronics, cameras, and other uncommon items. All the exhibitors of the fair contribute to the wares showcased on this table. 

We welcome families and hope you stop by for a drink and snack and come see our work. 

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