Dating and Mating in Coffee with ilene on Clubhouse!

COFFEE WITH iLENE at 9pm ET on Clubhouse tonight (Sunday, April 25th)!
TOPIC TONIGHT: Dating and Mating – The Abyss of Online Dating.
ilene resurrects her popular two-hour chat from eWorld and Talk City! Tonight say hello and meet former hosts from all over the world. Everyone welcome. Former Talk City hosts join me as moderators: AnaCCConda, PonyCCC, and 7CCCs.
Let me know if you need an invite to Clubhouse. I have 3 left I think. Preference given to former eWorlders and Talk City hosts. email me if you have an iPhone and need an invite! You must have an iPhone to use Club

eWorld Welcome Screen from a Galaxy Far Far Away

About ileneh

I am a Macintosh expert, writer and photographer. I have published many articles on Apple related products, but I cut my writer's teeth producing grants and market research reports when the Web was just something a spider made. I've also worked as a photographer, dancer and social worker. ilene's Machine was born in 2000 when I realized everything I did involved some kind of machine. First, my answering machine, next a Vic 20, then a Mac 128. Add a variety of Macintosh machines and iOS devices over the years and before you know it, you have reached ilene's Machine. Please leave a message!
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  1. Jeff says:

    Want to join but no ID??

    Sent from my iPhone



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